Stripe Fee Calculator

Easily calculate stripe fee for free.

Stripe is a widely used platform for global online payments. Merchants often find it challenging to comprehend Stripe's fees. The TinyTool Stripe fee calculator helps businesses easily determine the fees associated with sending invoices and receiving payments online, aiding startups in understanding the costs of using the popular Stripe payment system.


What is a strip fee calculator?

Stripe is a widely used online payment platform. Many e-commerce companies use Stripe daily, but because the company charges for all of its online transactions, business owners often struggle with pricing their products. So how do you determine how much to charge your customers or the other party so you don't have to pay out of pocket?

The TinyTool Stripe fee calculator is straightforward. Please enter the amount in the designated field and our tool will calculate the exact amount you need to invoice the client to avoid paying fees. The same applies to transactions with sellers!


Why use TinyTool's stripe fee calculator?

Our Calculator takes the headache out of calculating individual payments and fees and instead ensures payment calculations are done in a snap! Use this extra time for better things rather than spending it on such a monotonous task.


Stripe calculator for e-commerce

Our newly launched Stripe Calculator has become a go-to tool for eCommerce stores and business owners. Our tools are aimed at saving you valuable time and making your life easier in the process. Price your products correctly to get the amount you want. The final calculated values are based on Stripe's official fees as stated on their website.

As a business owner with multiple transactions per day, we know you already have your work in the palm of your hand. The TinyTool Stripe Fee Calculator will make your job a little easier.


How to calculate the stripe fee?

  1. Open TinyTool's Stripe Fee Calculator tool
  2. Put the Amount you will receive or want to send in the box.
  3. After that click on the Calculate button to calculate the amount.
  4. Then 2 boxes will appear where you can see 2 different amounts 1 where you will pay the fee and the other where the sender will pay the fee.
  5. If you don't want to pay the fee, then you should ask for the second box amount from your sender.



How much does Stripe charge per invoice?

The cost of each payment received through Stripe is 2.9% + $0.30 per sale paid by a US credit card to a US Stripe customer. For international credit cards, you will need to add 1% to the standard fees (3.9% + $0.30 per transaction)


Does Stripe's processing fee vary by country?

Yes. Stripe's processing fee may vary in different countries. In this calculator, we try to show you the standard domestic merchant fee for the selected country. We encourage you to visit your local Stripe website to better understand your Stripe processing fees. Note that this may vary if a currency conversion fee is charged, depending on the exchange rate and other factors in each country during Stripe checkout.


Stripe Fee Calculator Disclaimer

This Stripe Fee Calculator is a great way for ISPs, ISPs, and general businesses to determine how much Stripe charges when sending invoices and receiving payments through their network. Please note that if your client is based outside of the country you have indicated, prices may vary, especially if currency conversion fees are involved.

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