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Do you want to create your custom QR Code? Then try TinyTool QR Code Generator, It's an online tool that can generate a custom QR Code for you. With this tool, you can easily create your custom QR Codes with your logo for free of cost. QR codes, short for Quick Response codes, are those funny-looking square barcodes you may have seen on advertisements, business cards, or even on the side of a bus. But did you know that these little codes can do a lot more than just take you to a website?

QR codes have come a long way from their humble beginnings in 1994 when they were first invented for the automotive industry. Today, they're being used in various ways to make our lives easier and more efficient. From making payments to accessing event information, QR codes are making it easier for us to access the information we need when we need it. And with the help of a QR code generator like the one we have here, creating your QR codes has never been easier.


What is a QR Code Generator?

A QR Code Generator online tool is a website or application that allows users to create QR codes easily. It turns stuff like website links, contact info, or messages into those cool square codes you can scan with your phone. You type in what you want, and it creates a special code just for you. Then, anyone with a smartphone or a QR code scanner can read it!


How to Generate QR Code?

  • Paste your URL, Text, or Message in the text box.
  • Set the QR Code size, by default it will be 300.
  • For custom logo Turn on the Custom logo then Upload and set your logo size.
  • After everything is done, hit Generate to create your custom QR Code.


QR Codes on Printed Materials

QR codes on printed materials are like secret keys for businesses. They make it easy for customers to learn more about products or services from brochures, flyers, and even business cards. What's cool is, that you can track how many times people scan them to see what's working in your marketing.

Businesses get creative by putting QR codes on product packaging. This gives extra info like how to use the product or what's inside. They can also give special deals to customers who scan the code.

In real estate, agents use QR codes on property listings and signs. This lets potential buyers see virtual tours or floor plans without physically visiting. It saves time for everyone involved.


What can I do with a QR Code?

There are countless things you can do with a QR Code. You can create a QR Code for your website, app, or a message when people scan the QR Code they will be redirected to the website or app, or able to see the secret message in your QR Code. With TinyTool's QR Code Generator, you can create unlimited Custome QR Codes without limits.


QR Codes in Social Media Marketing

QR codes amp up social media marketing. They lead more people to your website and boost interaction with your brand. Add one to your posts for easy access to info or purchases. Businesses get smart by making unique QR codes for each campaign. This helps you see which ones click with your audience.

In Instagram stories, QR codes shine. They're like a shortcut for followers to learn about your stuff or buy it, especially during sales. For a fun twist, turn QR codes into a scavenger hunt on social media. Create different codes with prizes, scatter them across platforms, and watch customers scan to win. It's a cool way to hype up your brand and thank loyal customers.



QR codes are like handy digital shortcuts that make life easier. They help with payments, event info, and more. Making them is a breeze with a QR code generator. They're super versatile. Use them in print, social media, in stores, and at events. They engage customers and give quick access to info. In a nutshell, QR codes add an extra spark to your business. They make things smoother and even add a fun twist to marketing. Try them out and see your business soar!