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Hello everyone, thank you for visiting this page. If you want to help us grow and provide more amazing free tools then please follow the steps.


Why do you need your help to grow?

Because TinyTool is a new website and nobody knows about this website that's why our website doesn't rank on Google even though we wrote high-quality content and we don't make that much money to create a paid campaign. So that's why we need your help to grow. If you don't help us who will?


How To Help?

If you want to help us then it will be very simple.

Spread the word

TinyTool is a new website that's why only a few people know about this website, that's why we want your help to spread the word.

You can share TinyTool with your friends and family, on your social media, blog website, or on YouTube. Just share the website anywhere you see fit.


Help us rank higher

This process will be a little hard, but worth doing to help us.

What you have to do is, let's say you want to use our YouTube Thumbnail Downloader tool then don't visit directly on our website and use the tool, instead go to Google and search YouTube Thumbnail Downloader and at the end add TinyTool that way it will look like this YouTube Thumbnail Downloader TinyTool. And then look for our results and click on them and use them. That way it will help a lot to rank higher.


Another way is you can search the tool on Google and click on our results only that way it will help us a lot. And if you don't want to search and look for the website on Google with hundreds of results, we understand that's why we have added the links, keywords, and the page number so you can find our website easily. The page will be added soon!


Donate Us

If you don't want to do all the processes then you can help us by donating. Our website doesn't make much profit to create an ad campaign and spread the word. At that moment you can help us by donating, so we can run the website forever because as you know website doesn't run for free. You can donate to us from Here.


Don't use adblocker

Nowadays many people use AdBlocker to block ads, they may help you to increase your user experience but the website faces a lot of review loss and in the end, the site owner has to close the website. So please turn off your ad blocker we dont have any popups or annoying ads on our website. We only show quality Ads on our website.


That's it thank you so much for visiting this page, we will be very helpful if you do any of the processes to help us grow and run this site forever and provide you with a lot of new and useful tools for free.