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Do you want to decode a QR Code without scanning it? Then try TinyTool QR Code Decoder, It's an online tool that can decode any kind of QR code and provide you with the content in it. Nowadays, QR codes are everywhere because they are easy to create and use. Just open any QR scanner, scan the code, and get the data.

However, because they are so easy to create, scammers and hackers can exploit them. One scan of a malicious QR code and your personal data could become public, or your accounts could be hacked. Whenever a suspicious site asks you to scan a QR code or you encounter a QR code while traveling, it's always better to decode it first and see what's inside.


How to Decode a QR Code?

To decode a QR Code all you have to do:

  • Upload that QR Code on the TinyTool QR Code decoder
  • Wait a few seconds and Click on the Decode button
  • After that, it will extra all the data from the QR Code


NOTE: If you don't want to download the QR code image on your device, that case you can use the remote upload feature on our website. To use that feature all you have to do is click on the "Use Remote URL" in the upload box and then paste the QR code image URL (E.g. https://tinytool.net/...../qrcode.png)