WhatsApp Link Generator

What is WhatsApp Link Generator?

WhatsApp Link Generator is an online tool, where you can generate your WhatsApp number link and with that, you can massage someone without saving their number on your phone.

How To Use?

  • 1Enter the WhatsApp number with the country code.
  • 2EX: 911234567890 where 91 is the country code for India and after that is the WhatsApp number. (Check your country code)
  • 3Write a message, by default it will be Hi.
  • 4Click on Generate Link.
  • 5Copy the link and share or Click Open In WhatsApp to open directly in WhatsApp.
  • 6To Generate a new link just Refresh this page.

Why do you need WhatsApp Link Generator?

Sometimes you are in a position where you have to massage or send a file or photo to someone but you don't want to save their number on your phone in that situation you can use this tool. With this tool, you can massage them to send a file or photo without saving their number while keeping your privacy.

Is it safe to enter my number here?

Absolutely, we don't store any kind of information with this tool. The tool just adds the API to your number and provides that to you which you can see on the result box. There is nothing storing going on here.

Why I created this tool?

A few days ago I visited a printing shop to print out a few documents, then the shop owner told me to send the files to his WhatsApp number but I don't want to save his number on my phone then an idea came, like me, there are many people around the world who don't want to save someone's number but they have to send a message, image, or important documents. That's why I started working on it and created this tool.