Online Screen Recorder

Easily record screen online for 100% free, no Installation required.

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Do you want to record your screen without downloading any software on your device? Then try TinyTool Screen Recorder, It's an online tool that can record your device screen from your browser. This way you don't have to download and install any software on your device, it's a simple and easy-to-use tool that anyone can use.

How to Use?

It's super easy to capture your screen online, all you have to do is:

  1. Click the Start Recording button.
  2. Select the "Entire Screen" option and the display.
  3. After that just click on the Share button and your recording will be started.

How Does Online Screen Recorder Work?

TinyTool online screen recorder uses JavaScript and other secure technologies to capture what's on your screen. When you start recording, the website runs JavaScript code to access your screen only after you give permission. You can record your entire screen, a specific window, or a browser tab.

All the recording and processing happen locally on your device, meaning the data never leaves your computer. This keeps your information private and secure. Once you stop recording, you can save the video directly to your device. Everything is handled by your computer, ensuring smooth and high-quality recordings without any data being stored or processed on external servers.

Currently we don’t support recording from mobile devices. Try it from your tablet or desktop!